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#5ThingsThatHalp Hari Leigh!

Hari Leigh is an entertainment professional based in Los Angeles. She is known for her work writing, casting and directing both voice and motion capture for AAA games including Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Marvel Spider-Man 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Fortnite, WWE2k22, GLAAD award nominated Wylde Flowers, and more.

  1. Swimming - the repetitive motion and meditative breathing help me calm any "voices" that may want to discourage me from pursuing my passions. I try to lap swim 4 days out of the week, and I taught myself very late in my life. You can ALWAYS start something new.

  2. Drag Race - and all spinoff podcasts, shows and brunches. Drag is a great reminder to not take oneself too seriously. I also think it's where the funniest comedians who dont perform "stand up" are hiding out, beneath a mountain of wigs and lashes. Laughter is the BEST everything.

  3. Julia Bianco Schoeffling's book The Art And Business of Acting For Games - Shameless friend plug, but honestly I love gifting this book to people and having it as a go to whenever I'm asked about how our industry works. (link here)

  4. FRIENDSHIP - All of my best connections and opportunities have come from bonds that I made through genuine interest in someone. I dont make friends to further my career, I make friends who love the same things I do and want to collaborate on making things we believe in. Luckily, the people who inspire me have gone on to do really cool things, as have I and we think about ways we can support each other. I love my friends.

  5. My Dog Charly - If you know you know. 

As a screenwriter her feature screenplay "Driverless" was a Barnard College Athena List 2023 award winner and she is a Stowe Story Labs alumni. The short film "Troll," which she co-wrote/ co-starred in, premiered at the 2017 Maryland Film Festival. Other "Official Selection" honors include New Orleans Film Festival, IFF Rotterdam, as well as being selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick. As an actor, she has been featured in John Waters' A Dirty Shame, Key & Peele, and her voice can be heard in a variety of animated shows and games. She recently directed an animated short and a music video for harpist Mary Lattimore's We Wave From Our Boats.

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