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The Halp Network Entertainment Academy (THNEA) serves as a dedicated community with a mission to enhance the expertise and abilities of individuals within our industry. Through our reliable network, we carefully assess our instructors and collaborate with them to develop comprehensive curricula. This enables us to provide knowledge, resources, and educational support to a wide range of students – from newcomers in the field to seasoned veterans.

Our sense of community is deeply rooted in the spirit of giving back, with many of our instructors continuing to actively engage in THNEA classes themselves. We offer online and in-person classes and, for those who prefer to learn at their own pace, pre-recorded videos, panels, and other events.

We provide an array of offerings of workshops and resources, including:

  • Acting across different genres

  • Video game development including game audio and game writing

  • Informative business workshops tailored to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry

  • And various other subjects as the industry continues to evolve and adapt


Our dedicated instructors are enthusiastic about their fields and collaborate to design classes that align with the needs of the community.

Visit our parent site to check out all the projects we've worked on and the services we can provide for your projects by clicking the button below!

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