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Our In-Person Classes at Side LA!

The Halp Network were proud to host our in-person voice acting class at SIDE LA in Marina Del Rey!

We extend our gratitude to Brook Chalmers, an accomplished actor and voice director with an impressive portfolio including roles in productions like Demon Slayer, Street Fighter 6, Fire Emblem: Engage, and directing credits for projects like Genshin Impact, Star Trek: Prodigy, among others.

Appreciation also goes out to Ulysses Nieto from SIDE LA, whose engineering support proved invaluable in acquainting students with the authentic atmosphere of recording sessions and the protocols of professional recording studios.

In this closely-knit acting workshop, students had the opportunity to perform excerpts from pre-selected scripts. Brook provided guidance mimicking real recording sessions and utilized each students’ performance to impart additional educational insights. As this class was open to new talent and working professionals, Brook covered auditioning techniques, effective self-practice methods, and strategies for incorporating dynamic elements into performances.

About SIDE

SIDE works at the cutting edge of interactive media as a provider of audio services for the global entertainment market. With over 25 years’ experience, an international network of resources, and state-of-the-art studios in London, LA, Paris and Shanghai, SIDE’s award-winning team of technical and creative experts still hold the same collective intention: to develop the truest interpretation of each client’s vision, for audiences of every genre, on any platform, in all languages.

SIDE’s full range of dialogue management services includes:

  • Casting

  • Studio Recording

  • Performance Direction

  • Dialogue Editorial

  • Audio Localization

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